How College Parties Differ When There’s No Sports

A college party without sports is a very different scene. Here’s how they differ and why they’re still fun.

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How college parties differ when there’s no sports

Football season is over, and now that the weather is getting colder, college students are stuck indoors for the next few months. So how do college students party when there’s no sports?

“I think people party harder because there’s nothing else to do,” says sophomore Ryan Murphy. “When there’s a big game, people are more likely to go out and drink before the game, and then they’re too drunk to party afterwards.”

“I think people just drink more,” says senior Mike Johnson. “There’s no real structure to the partying when there’s no sports. It’s just more of a free-for-all.”

So if you’re looking for a wilder party scene this winter, head to a college campus near you!

Themed college parties

Different types of schools host different types of events. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most popular college party themes, so you can be sure to hit up the right kind of party for your school.

1. Frat parties
These are typically held in fraternity houses and usually involve drinking games and dancing. If you’re not in a fraternity, you may still be able to get into these parties if you know someone who is a member. Just be aware that these parties can get pretty rowdy, so if that’s not your scene, you might want to steer clear.

2. Sorority parties
Similar to frat parties, sorority parties are usually held in sorority houses and often involve drinking games and dancing. These parties can also get pretty wild, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to stay away. However, some sororities do host more low-key events that non-members can attend, so it definitely pays to ask around before writing off all sorority parties as being too crazy for you.

3. Dorm parties
Dorm parties are usually smaller and less intense than frat or sorority parties. They’re a great way to meet people in your dorm building and get to know your neighbors better. Since they’re typically held in smaller spaces, they can sometimes get a little too crowded and loud for some people’s taste, but overall they’re usually pretty low-key affairs.

4. Off-campus apartment parties
Off-campus apartment parties are similar to dorm parties, but since they’re usually held in larger spaces they don’t tend to get as crowded or loud. These parties are a great way to meet people who live off campus and explore different parts of town. Just be aware that some off-campus apartments are further from campus than others, so make sure you know where the party is before you commit to going.

5. Theme parties
Theme parties are popular at colleges all over the country. They can be based on anything from a specific TV show or movie to a holiday or even just a certain type of food (like sushi or tacos). These parties tend to be more creative and fun than your average college party, so if you’re looking for something different, definitely check out any theme party listings on your campus bulletin board or flyers around town.

College party tips

No sports? No problem! Here are some tips on how to throw a killer college party without any sports:

-Find a creative theme: You can still have a college-themed party without sports. Think about other things that are popular on college campuses, like fraternities and sororities, and come up with a creative theme based on that.

-Decorate creatively: Again, because you don’t have to worry about sports, you can get really creative with your decorations. Frat and sorority letters are always popular, as are school colors.

-have fun!: The most important thing is to have fun! College parties are all about socializing and making new friends, so make sure your party reflects that. Don’t worry about being too serious or sticking to any one particular theme – just let loose and enjoy yourself!

How to throw a college party

In college, there are a few things that are essential to throwing a successful party. First, you need to have a good location. This could be a campus apartment, a fraternity or sorority house, or even an off-campus house. Next, you need to invite enough people so that the party is lively but not too overcrowded. You also need to have enough food and drink for everyone, and make sure there is plenty of music to keep everyone entertained. Finally, you need to be prepared for some messy cleanup afterwards!

However, throwing a college party during Covid-19 presents some unique challenges. First of all, it is important to make sure that everyone who attends the party is comfortable with the risk of exposure to the virus. This means that you may need to limit the number of people who attend, and ask everyone to wear masks and maintain social distancing while they are at the party. Additionally, you will need to take extra precautions when it comes to food and drink, making sure that everything is properly sanitized. And finally, you will need to be prepared for the possibility that someone at the party may get sick afterwards and need to self-isolate.

Despite these challenges, it is still possible to throw a successful college party during Covid-19. By being mindful of the risks and taking precautions accordingly, you can provide a fun and safe environment for everyone who attends.

How to survive a college party

College parties are very different when there’s no sports. For me, it was a huge adjustment. I went from being able to go to a party and talk about the game we just won to not being able to talk about anything. I felt lost and alone. So, how do you survive a college party when there’s no sports?

First, you need to find your people. College is all about finding your group of friends that you can rely on. If you can find a group of friends that like to party, then you’re set. You don’t necessarily need to be best friends with them, but it definitely helps if you have at least one person that you can talk to at the party.

Second, don’t be afraid to start conversations with people. Yes, it may be awkward at first, but college is the time to step out of your comfort zone. If you see someone standing alone, strike up a conversation with them. Chances are, they’re feeling just as awkward as you are.

Third, have fun! Even though there’s no sports, college parties can still be a lot of fun. There’s always music playing and people dancing. Don’t be afraid to let loose and have a good time.


What to wear to a college party

The typical college party is a social event where students gather to drink alcohol, listen to music, and dance. However, there are some differences between parties at colleges with and without sports teams.

At colleges without sports teams, the focus is often on academics, and students dress more formally for parties. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit or a ball gown, but you should avoid wearing casual clothing like shorts and tank tops. Instead, opt for slacks or a dress shirt with a blazer or cardigan.

At colleges with sports teams, the focus is often on athletics, and students dress more casually for parties. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a jersey or track pants, but you can get away with wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

What to bring to a college party

When it comes to college parties, what you bring with you can often depend on whether or not there’s a sporting event going on. If there is a big game, chances are that the party will be more low-key, with people just hanging out and watching the game. But if there’s no big game, then the party is likely to be more of a wild scene, with lots of dancing and drinking. So what should you bring to a college party? Here are some ideas.

If it’s a low-key party:
-Snacks like chips and dip or pretzels
-Your favorite beer or wine
-A comfy blanket to sit on

If it’s a wild party:
-A bottle of vodka or another hard liquor
-Mixers like soda or fruit juice
-Cups for drinking
– comfortable shoes for dancing

What not to do at a college party

There are a few ground rules when it comes to college partying that are important to know if you want to stay on good terms with your neighbors, RA, and the rest of your floor. Make sure to avoid these 10 things if you want to avoid getting kicked out or becoming the party school pariah.

1. Don’t be too loud – remember, people are trying to study!
2. Don’t bring strangers up to your room – this is for safety reasons as well as courtesy to your roommates.
3. Don’t use illegal drugs or drink underage – this one should be obvious, but it bears repeating. Not only is it illegal, but it’s also really not cool to put your fellow students at risk.
4. Don’t damage property – whether it’s furniture or walls, leaving a mess for someone else to clean up is just rude.
5. Don’t play music too loud – chances are, not everyone on your floor shares your taste in music, so be considerate and keep the volume down.
6. Don’t block the hallway – nobody likes having to maneuver around obstacles just to get to their room, so make sure party-goers aren’t blocking the way for others.
7. Don’t forget to invite the RA! They may seem like a party-pooper, but they actually appreciate being included and it can make them more likely to look the other way if things get a little out of hand.
8. Don’t use offensive language – remember that there are people of all ages and backgrounds living in close quarters, so try to keep the language clean.
9. Don’t have too many people over – fire codes exist for a reason, so don’t overcrowd your room and risk getting everyone in trouble.
10. And finally, don’t forget to have fun! College parties are meant to be enjoyable for everyone involved, so make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy yourself too!

College party games

Athletic events have always been a big part of the college experience, but now that many schools are online due to the pandemic, students have had to get creative with their parties. Here are some of the most popular games that college students are playing at their parties these days:

1. Beer Pong: This classic game is perfect for parties of any size, and can be played with any type of beer (or even non-alcoholic beverages). All you need is a ping-pong ball and a few cups.

2. Flip Cup: This game is similar to beer pong, but instead of trying to sink the ball in a cup, players must drink their beer and then flip the empty cup upside down on the table. The first team to finish all of their cups wins.

3. Quarters: This game is simple yet addictive. Players take turns trying to bounce a quarter into a cup on the table. If they succeed, the other players have to drink.

4. I Never: This game is great for getting to know your friends better (and for embarrassing them!). Players take turns making statements about things they have never done, and anyone who has done that thing has to drink.

5. Cards Against Humanity: This popular party game can be played with as many people as you want, and is sure to get some laughs (and maybe even some offended looks).

College party themes

College parties can be a great way to blow off some steam, especially after a big game. But what happens when there’s no sports? Here are some college party themes that are sure to get everyone in the school spirit.

-Nerdy party: This is the perfect party for all the brainiacs out there. Think quizzes, trivia, and plenty of snacks.
-Circus party: This one is sure to be a circus! Expect weird and wacky costumes, acrobatic feats, and lots of laughter.
-Murder mystery party: This is the perfect party for those who love a good mystery. There will be clues to solve and suspects to interrogate. Who will figure it out first?

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